Crafting The Authentic Self

So many of us walk around without a sense of authenticity.  We mirror what we see in the media without really realizing that we're doing it, let others fill our minds with how we are to think and feel without giving them the permissions to do so, and operate as though we've been cast in a role without ever trying to scratch the surface of who the person truly is who's underneath it all.  We've become powerless and directionless, and we can't even recognize it.

It's so easy to forget that we've chosen to operate this way, and that every choice we made has built us in this way.

But it can be undone.

Step 1: Define Yourself By Who You Want To Be

If you release yourself from a definition built by who you've been up until this moment, you have infinite capability and potential laid out in front of you.  In this pinnacle moment, decide: who do I want to be?  What does that look like?  What values will I honor?  What characteristics will I embody?  Make a list that outlines everything that makes up your core structure - the essence of who you want to be.  Don't focus on the physical, external components (i.e. I want to be successful, work in this field, find the perfect partner, weigh this many pounds, etc.)  Connect with your soul.

Step 2: Focus On Integrity

You may have some overarching goals or themes to the life you desire, but don't focus of them.  Invert your thinking and keep singular focus on each moment you have; because within each moment lies a choice and a decision that needs to be made.  All of these choices will now serve to build that person you want to become.  With each choice you have, reflect upon whether the choice you want to make aligns with the integrity of the person you're becoming.  Make the choice that best suits your new moral compass and move on to the next choice.  This will recondition your instinctual self and eventually render this process unnecessary - because you will just operate with integrity without prompting.

Step 3: Speak Your Truth

This internal transformation can be made in silence and solitude, but we as a species crave acknowledgement, validation, and reaffirmation in order to truly feel accomplished.  So share.  Give testimonial when appropriate, help when requested.  Sharing your truth will further cement it in your psyche as the new reality that you live in, leaving you feeling as though the old version of you never existed at all.

Step 4: You Will Be Tested Often

When you ignite your light and signal to the Universe that you are now owning your authentic self,  your commitment will be tested again and again.  But through great challenge comes even greater success and deepened pride in yourself.  So hold tight to that resolve and move forward, one integrity-filled choice at a time.

Step 5: Trust

You're human.  You will forget your discipline and sometimes focus on why you haven't reached certain goals yet.  In these moments of conditioned self doubt, remind yourself to trust completely in the process and in the intentions you set forth.  The foundation that you're building will be able to withstand any challenge presented, and things that once seemed out of reach will become attainable.  You are reconditioning your own vibratory state and the things you attract into your life will conspire to match that frequency.  Trust.

Always, Brittney