How to Take Charge of Your Life

Time and time again, you hear and see people getting stuck in victim mindset regarding their own life and wellness.

“I feel like I’m always in the passenger seat.”

“I’ll change <this> when <that> happens.”

“I would do <this> if I had more time.”

“I started to take better care of myself, but then <this> happened.”

I have one simple solution that will move you towards your goals and your best version of yourself:

Make Smart Choices In Every Decision You’re Presented With.

Every single decision you face, take a moment to weigh your options and decide which choice best suits your goals and wellness. I’ll give a few examples:

-Yesterday morning, I was feeling overwhelmed because I had several people and things demanding my attention all at once. I had an assignment due for one of my ongoing credentialing courses in order to teach at WI technical colleges, and I considered asking my instructor for an extension on the assignment. Then I weighed my decision: Do I want to get in the habit of not meeting deadlines? No. Can I finish my assignment on my iPad while cooking breakfast for my son and entertaining him with Play-dough afterward – even if it means getting constantly interrupted and taking me three times as long to finish it than it otherwise would? Yes. So, I got it done and submitted it before the deadline cutoff.

-Yesterday evening, my husband and I both had phenomenal, 90 minute massages from Erica Hodgson. When it got difficult to decide how we’d juggle our son, my first instinct was to let my husband go get his massage and reschedule mine for another day that worked better. Then I weighed my decision: Do I always sacrifice my own needs for others? Yes. Should I make myself and my wellness a priority? Yes. So, I kept my appointment and we figured out a way to allow us both massages while watching our son in turns.

-This morning, I was out of frozen fruit for a smoothie. I considered making an egg for myself, even though I’ve stopped eating eggs as of a week ago. So, again, I weighed my options: Should I sabotage my dietary standards for a momentary inconvenience? No. Are there leftovers from yesterday that I could eat instead that align with my wellness goals? Yes. So, I warmed up some tofu bacon and made a BLT (and onion) salad instead.

You take each predicament (I’m hungry, I’m bored, I’m stressed), turn it into a smart decision, and watch your life get in line and be entirely of your own making!

And if you’re struggling to find that focus or discipline, let’s talk and get you energetically reconditioned so that you can!

Always, Brittney