Stagnant Energy in the Home

How many things are you doing each day to limit stagnate energy in your body?  We move around, exercise, stretch, get assistance from professionals (energy healing, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc.), eat & drink, have sex, meditate, set intentions, use visualizations, breathe lol.  All of these things (and more) move energy in our bodies, and some are very effective at moving energy from places that it may have sat in too long.  Think about how often these activities take precedence in your life, and how often they call to your attention.  Some people need to exercise daily or they feel sluggish and unbalanced.  This is symptomatic of your energy sitting in one place for too long.

So, if we’re designed to keep our energy in motion and not let it stagnate – why don’t we apply this approach to our homes?  Think about it: our home is much like a body, housing many things that come and go.  Since we can’t, or shouldn’t, pick up our houses and move them around – it might be advantageous to change up the flow of your home from time to time.

I wrote a blog post about home cleansings that outlines when it’s a good idea to do this, with or without the aid of a professional, but here are some additional guidelines to help keep your home feeling healthy and safe:

-Put intention behind what you place in your home (within reason – you don’t need to put intention into your dishes… unless you want to) and be sure to reset your intention when circumstances change.

-Dust and clean, especially items on shelves that go untouched for months and months.  These things begin to collect energy from the members of the home and set the stage for what a given room will feel like.  So, clean them, move them around every so often, and keep your rooms feeling fresh.

-After big changes in energetic climate (i.e. a huge fight, deep sadness, etc.), smudge your home.  Use sage or palo santo smoke, essential oil sprays, crystal grids or placement with intention, fresh air, etc. to clear out the space so that those energies don’t linger.  Whatever tool you use, use it with intention.

Always, Brittney