The Reality of Intent

We’ve all heard or read the phrase, “Perception is reality.”  And it’s true.  What you perceive to be true becomes your own personal draft of reality.

Energy follows intention.  That’s another one of those phrases we’ve all heard and brushed off.  And again, fact.  What you set forth for yourself, the things you plan for and strive towards, or even just the things you focus on most, will soon become your reality.  Energy will go with whatever climate you create for it with your thoughts, and then it will conspire to create that for you.  You’ve read about it in the placebo effect and false diagnosis, where people will become healthy or ill based on what they perceive to be true – even if it’s not.  Completely healthy people will begin to develop symptoms of an illness because they believe it to be true.  That’s power.

The number one reaction that I get when I tell people about my health and weight loss transformation, aside from, “where do you get your protein from?”, is, “Oh, I could never do that!”  And for them, that is the truth.  Because they believe it to be.

Literally the week before I changed my diet and mindset, I was eating sugary cereal for breakfast because it felt nostalgic, bleached wheat breads and pasta dishes for main meals, one to three Mtn Dew sodas per day, vegetarian options at Taco Bell (again, nostalgia).  I mean, seriously – just junk.  I was emotionally attached to the foods I was eating and they were making me sick on every level.  So, did I think that I would ever stay disciplined to something so opposite of how I had existed for thirty plus years?  Of course I didn’t.  But one morning, on June 1st 2017, I decided that I could do it.  Then it was a matter of making smart choices with every decision presented to me and simply following through with them.

We all have immense power within us to accomplish greatness.  But until you believe that you do, you will never find it.

Always, Brittney