Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing methodology and spiritual practice developed and passed down from teacher to student by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui.  The word Reiki translates as “Universal Life Force Energy”, which is the energetic source in which everything is made from and connected to.  Life force energy has also been called Qi (Chi) in Chinese medicine, and Prana in yogic practice.

In its simplest terms, Reiki is the channeling of universal life force energy from practitioner to client (even if the client is the practitioner – i.e. self-healing) through the laying of hands, with said energy going exactly where it is needed for the client without direction from the practitioner.  Reiki can do no harm.

From there on, the practitioner may (or may not) incorporate other healing practices to enhance the healing session for their clients.  They can use knowledge of the chakra systems and meridians and focus Reiki energy to keep these energetic channels and vortices open and free of blockages that create dis-ease in the body.  They can use intention to aid the client in their healing session (i.e. helping them transform and ground unneeded energy, channel calming energy or motivating energy, etc.)

Why Should I Choose Brittney as my Practitioner?

I believe that every client is beautifully unique and needs to be treated as such, instead of the “one-size-fits-all” ideology; therefore, I have options available to me for each session and incorporate them as needed.  I’ve had clients that thrive best with Reiki in its simplest form: an hour of hands-on energy healing with overtones of unconditional love :)  I’ve had clients that don’t do well with nebulous terms such as energy, and resonate better with a Reiki session that includes crystals and aromatherapy, because these things are more tangible.  There are those who require from me the courage to go outside my personal realm of ability altogether and call in spiritual allies to aid with things like past-life trauma, walk-ins and spiritual attachments, and hex eradication.  I may go into a session with an idea of what my client needs, based on what they’ve told me, only to throw it all out within the first five minutes of the session when their energy says otherwise.  My practice is, at a minimum, flexible.

Reiki Certification FAQ

Why should I become Reiki certified?

Reiki is another form of communication that you can incorporate into your every day life.  To know Reiki is to know a universal language that not only allows you to commune with humans, but all sentient beings – near and far!  The healing power of Reiki allows you to heal yourself, first and foremost, and be a conduit to heal others – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and so forth.  It brings you closer with those you love, connects you with your surroundings, and can open the door to your untapped abilities – like intuition, psychic awareness, and synchronicity – if you so choose.  Reiki can be a catalyst for change, provides discipline and structure, and even gives purpose to an otherwise nebulous existence.  Trust me; this education is invaluable!

Why are there four levels of Reiki certification?

The Reiki Certification program is broken up into four classes, each with their own certification:

  • Reiki Level I – Class & Attunement Ceremony – Reiki Level I Certification

  • Reiki Level II – Class & Attunement Ceremony – Reiki Level II Certification, Practitioner

  • Reiki Level III – Class & Attunement Ceremony – Reiki Level III Certification, Reiki Master

  • Reiki Level III Adv. – Class & Attunement Ceremony – Reiki Level III Adv. Certification, Reiki Master Teacher

The first level of Reiki focuses on energetic awareness of oneself and self healing.  Level II is the Practitioner level, where you learn the practitioner symbols and how to channel Reiki for the purpose of healing others, in person and from a distance.  The Master level gives you a richer understanding of Reiki, educates you on the attunement process, introduces more symbols, explores other healing modalities, and helps you to begin your own Reiki practice.  And finally, the Teacher level gives you the tools to teach Reiki to others, includes a mock class & attunement passing practice, business education, and so forth.

Can I just take one or two classes?

Yes.  As long as the classes taken are in sequential order, you may take as many or as few classes as you desire.

Could I take them back to back?

Learning and working with Reiki is a personal journey and it takes time to develop your practice.  Therefore, it is recommended that you wait a minimum of one to three months in between each class to allow time for you to adjust to each attunement and build your energetic awareness.

Why should I choose Brittney Schultz as my Reiki Master Teacher?

Each RMT has something unique to offer to their students.  What I feel that I provide is a solid balance of intellect and intuition.  I’ve spent my thirty plus years of life studying my own sensitivity, riding the ebb & flow of its strength and challenges, and ultimately building the foundation for my practice: Empathy.  Empathy is what drives me to cater my teaching style to each individual’s learning style.  My classes are more than just lecture – I encourage discussion, reflection, interaction, and introspection.  I don’t want to just throw a bunch of information at you and send you on your way.  I want each of my students to leave my classes feeling connected with the information and with their own applied meaning to what we discussed.

I’m also part of a generation that questions everything.  So, instead of just regurgitating the information I was given in my Reiki training verbatim, I took my materials, looked at them objectively, and tried to shed new insights on energy healing.  I expand beyond traditional Reiki training to help my students to relate to energy work on a personal level.

And outside of my teaching approach, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my classes – while being humble and flexible enough to continuously improve the experience with each new class.  Although I am the teacher, I expect to learn new things right along with my students :)

Always, Brittney

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