What I spent a week stressing about, agonizing over, and trying to fix myself, Brittney fixed in 5 minutes! I hired a web designer to help me build my new website on Squarespace. Part of my site includes a form that is ESSENTIAL for collecting email information from visitors, as well as, a method by which they can send me a message. There was a glitch with the form, and my web designer was MIA. Regardless, my site needed to be launched. got launched with an essential form that didn't function. I created a temporary work around while I spent a week reading articles and trying to troubleshoot the issue myself. I also reached out to a number of colleagues to see if they had any ideas. I finally reached out to Brittney and BOOM, problem solved! She is friendly, responsive, fast, and skillful. Next time you can bet I will be going straight to her for help! She is a lifesaver and I'm so grateful.


Best decision of the year: hiring Brittney Schultz who rocked out a redesign of our website that works on all devices and looks clean and fresh. Thanks Brittney and check out her work!


Working with Brittney exceeded my expectations. Not only is she prompt and professional with a very quick turnaround time, she is extremely creative. I sent her bare skeletons of vocal melodies on my demo tracks (some not even skeletons, just loose bones) and what she sent back was pure art. She has an instinct for melody and harmony that's hard to find. She was able to bring to life a sound I've been hearing in my head for a while, but have been unable to achieve. And, as a composer, I like to be able to trust the musicians I hire. That is to say, I can just give them a few instructions and notes, and let them go to work. I don't like to micromanage or handhold, and I certainly didn't need to do that with Brittney. With barely any instructions needed, she brought the vocals to life. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brittney for any vocal work you need.


We had a great day learning Reiki at Brittney’s class. She’s amazing and it was an honor to learn from her. Thank you Brittney for everything!


Brittney, I want to thank you for giving us our house back.

Brad & I fell in love with the house as soon as we saw it. Once we did the walk through we knew we had to have the house. So, of course when we moved in we thought we were “home” and, for awhile it felt that way.

Then things started to change. Certain rooms became heavy and uncomfortable to even be in. Then some of us started feeling as if we were being watched by “something”. We would also hear activity going on in rooms that we knew were empty. The dogs would even react to the noises so, I knew what we were hearing was real.

Things went on like this for about a year. Then, it became more in your face. While in bed you would feel something sit down next to you but, no one was there. Or, alarm clocks would go crazy even when they were unplugged. Things just slowly kept building.

I finally could no longer ignore what was happening when it started to affect my grandson who also lives with us. My grandson is autistic which, I believe, makes him more sensitive to these types of

We would hear him yelling at something, “I said leave me alone” or, “stop”. It got to the point where he would wake up running into his mom’s room screaming. He was even too frightened to use the bathroom so, he would end up wetting himself. He had circles under his eyes and his demeanor was changing. There were more outbursts and his anxiety was increasing. So, I knew something had to be done.

Thank God, for you Brittney! You came to our rescue. Your gifts are amazing. After you did the reiki house cleansing the house became our home again.

You have given us peace. There are no more strange noises. And my grandson can now sleep through the night. Not only has he become calmer at home, his school teacher is writing letters indicating a wonderful change in him.

I don’t know what we would’ve done without you and your intuitive guides. I want you to know how cherished you are.

Thanks so much for the return of our home!


I must have three heads.  That’s the look I get when I tell people that my 18 month old daughter visits a Reiki master on a regular basis.  Reiki and Brittney have changed my family’s life.  Before Reiki our nights were terrifying, literally.  My daughter suffered from severe night terrors, several per night, lasting an hour or more each.  In a moment of desperation Brittney was suggested to me by our chiropractor.  I had heard of Reiki before, but didn’t know much about it.  I had never even heard the words “energy healing” or “crystal healing” but I was willing to try anything at this point.  My daughter was suffering and we were all suffering along with her.  Brittney was a light at the end of our horribly long and sad tunnel.  I emailed Brittney giving her a quick story of what was going on and she emailed back offering to drive to our house for the first treatment.  Now, we live 45 minutes to 1 hour away so I tried to talk her out of it and I insisted that we could meet somewhere closer.  She heard none of it and made our first “house call”.  That day changed our lives.  That day, Brittney took away the night terrors and took away the heaviness of my heart.  When she left, I knew she did something big; she did something different that no other doctor could do.  She was a healer and that is exactly what she did.  She healed my daughter and not only hasn’t there been a single night terror since, but my daughter has blossomed into an amazing little girl who has opened our eyes to a whole new world.

Being who I am, I went on a “googling” binge.  I googled everything that Brittney said during the treatment and learned as much as I could.  When googling failed me, I read.  I read books Brittney suggested and many more.  And when that failed me, I took a class.  What I’ve learned through all of this is that Brittney has a gift.  She has a gift that is hard to describe but that is so real you have to feel it for yourself.  Energy healing is real and is a permanent part of our lives and we are forever in debt to the gift Brittney has given us and thank God every day that she came into our lives.

Our daughter is not the only one who enjoys the benefits of Reiki, many of my family and friends now do as well.  I tell our story and suggest Intuitive Healing to anyone who will listen.  I’m often met with that look, but I promise you it is worth every penny and every minute.  If you’re not sure, start with googling “Energy Healing”!